I want you. Let me be your lipstick baby, 'cause i wanna touch your lips. <3

Do not tell me,

that i am hot.
do not try,
to touch my slip,
while i am watching the movie.
do not kiss my lips,
when i tell you,
that i wanna talk about us.
do not turn around,
when you see your fiends arrived.
you should not leave me alone,
even when i am crying...
tell me,
i am someone special.
every day,
you have to touch my fingers,
to show me,
that i am beautyful.
you do should kiss me,
when i am smiling.
you do should touch me,
when we are alone.
tell me,
that i am everything for you.
ask me,
if i would be your only,
for all the time.
just hold my hand,
just kiss my lips,
just make me to a girl,
who loves her boyfriend.

The feeling

Is something unreal.
I never could get enough of it.
Still watching,
Listen to the emotions.
But I now,
It is too late.
I could not keep them
For always.
Let me listen,
Maybe I would belive,
That they aren't here,
If I hear enough.

Give me reasons,

To tell my friends,
That you are perfect.
They all think,
You are a jackass,
Such a son of a slut.
They hate you,
And I do too.
I love you.
And by the way,
I can't stop thinking about you.
Your smile,
The way you tell my lies.
I hate you,
But my heart starts to beat,
When you look at me,
With you beautiful eyes,
Your skin,
I know that much.
Everything about you,
There is nothing I don't know,
Because I now:
You lie.

Don't tell me that lie again.

you try,
to fiddle me,
but never,
i will stick up for you.
the time is over
never i will risk my live,
just to save yours.
you hurt me,
too much,
than i am able,
to forgive you.
i'll think back,
to this time,
when you hurt me,
when you lie right to me.
i go from strength to strength.
i would never conceal,
that i loved you.
... <'3

you lie your live

tell me what's true
our love,
is too young,
to let someone else in.
you hurt me,
when you try,
to run away.
this is not only mine,
not only my trying,
to save this all.
the memorys and wishes
we both had.
i miss you,
'cause i now,
the time is over,
and i lost you.

did i dissapoint you

had i ever hurt you that bad,
like you did before?
i should hate you,
and wish that i'll never see you again.
but then,
when i know,
i could see you,
my heart is beating,
just for you.
my eyes are watching,
looking for you.
and then i know,
no matter what you did,
i have to love you.

do you feel the pain?

i try to hurt you bad,
but i can not.
there are so many reasons,
you have to blood for me.
but when i watch you,
i can not do.
too many memories about you.
please just go away.
you have not to care.
i loved you,
will always love you,
but without the pain in my heart.

I missed you all the time.

but you did not call back.
was waitin' too long,
to hope for your call.
when you would tell me,
that you are sorry,
that there was something important.
i would tell you:
this is me,
i missed you,
all the time.
i had enough of your excuses.
maybe i loved you,
until now.
but i have to stop,
to sacrifice me for you.
where i put my final stroke!

Do not tell me,

that this is not normal.
when i think,
it is not right,
what we do,
than i have to screem:
stop this pain tonight.
why it is something special?
what is wrong about it?
you spent your time,
always at my side.
i spent my life,
always at your side.
it me,
who knows you body and mind.
we could life like everybody,
just if we want.
but this is my life,
and i want to have something special.
so please.
let me live my own life,
with you.

Hey you,

my angel from the nightmare.
save me again,
just these night.
i need a helper,
who rescue me.
last night,
i wish it would never end.
now its the second day,
the next nightmare.
it was a romance,
with you.
you tarry the time with me,
and you do not rue it,
do you?

Stop this pain.

clear my mind.
just help me,
to find another way of live.
tell me life is beautyful.
since yesterday,
i try to fix my broken heart.
i hope it will survive.
your way,
of live,
i mean:
that is everything for you,
isn't it?
let me learn,
how to be happy,
how to be nice.
is there a drug,
which makes my heart fit?

You are this kind,

this kind of special persons.
i can not live without.
but i hate it,
when you are around.
i need someone,
who hurts me lovely.
who is everything for me.
even when i am at the end of my rope.
cause i now,
that you will make me healthier.
i am sure,
that you will fix me,
always when i am sick.

I hear your voice,

it is not loud.
just a little sound.
my heart is going to breaking,
so stop this pain tonight.
you are my darling,
some of my angels.
my everything and only.
but i lost you,
last time.
i won't win you back.
you were someone special,
and i am sorry,
that i hurt you that much.
it was not my mind.
if i would try,
to fetch you back,
i am sure,
that i would lose.
and a second time,
to see me loosing you,
i woulds alive.

found a message,

from you.
years away.
i read it,
thought back,
to the time,
you were mine.
but i should not cry,
it was just a lie.
not more than a game,
without rules.
but now i miss you.
too much,
more than i want it.
when it was just a game for you,
for me it was more,
more than just an affair.
you are the man for me.
for years and a life.

tell me boy,

that i am special,
more than just an onenightstand.
it is love,
for a life
isn't it?
you need me,
like i do.
don't you?
and you want me,
a bit more like i do.
don't you?
tell me boy,
you miss me.
i do.
i miss you.

Yesterday you told me,

i'd be your special someone.
you said you never want,
to be apart to me.
but you went away from me,
you let me alone.
starring down the street,
i now i never lost someone that bad.
maybe i should not let you get,
away from my little perfect world.
now it is too late.
it is time to respect,
you are away,
and with you all the memories,
to my little perfect world.

i asked you

can't you see,
this is not my life.
not this kind of way,
i wanna live.
but you did not respect me.
you hurt me that much,
my heart broken down.
i played the game with you.
did everything you want.
when i wanted to walk away,
you touched my skin,
this kind of touching,
just you can do.
so i stayed.
maybe i will go,
maybe i will stay,
just to feel this kind of touching,
just you can do.
cause i am in love with you.

stars are broken

can't you see?
the sky is crieing.
and you can't see.
you really lost your intuition.
last year,
we sat down the beach,
watched the sunrise.
and you told me,
you would never let me go.
now the stars are burning,
and you are gone.
i now,
you broke my heart,
like the stars.

you hurt me bad,

and you now,
the time i spend with you is over now.
you ache me too much,
and i can not forgive you anymore.
the breach is too bad.
and i told you,
i can not survive it.
but you never listen.
so i will go.
you can not stop me,
we both not,
that is the way,
it was clear that i'd go.

i hate the way

you touch my face.
i hate the way,
you hug my.
i hate the way,
you call my name.
i hate the way,
you talk with me.
i hate the way.
you laugh.
i hate the way,
you hurt me.
and the way you put my arm,
you ever let me cry.
the simply way,
to show me,
that i am someone special.
but i need the way,
you tell me,
that you love me.

[die dinger sin nich urheberrechtl. geschützt, trotzdem sin die was persöhnLiches, von mir. ^^ und. ka. is ja eiegntl. auch sehr egal. ;D]

Es tut mir leid,

Für alles das,
Was ich gemacht habe.
Und ich weiß,
Dass es zu spät ist.
Aber ich schaffe es nicht,
Das alles zu vertuschen,
Und rückgägig zu machen.
Ich habe zu viel falsch gemacht,
Und zu viel nicht verstanden.
Laß mich gehen,
Oder halt mich fest,
Aber sag mir nicht,
Dass du mich geliebt hast.
Ich hab das alles zerstört,
Noch bevor es da war.
Es ist zu spät,
Viel zu spät.
Immer wieder:
Mein Herz blutet,
Und ich weine.
Um dich,
Um uns.
Weil das nie war,
Obwohl es nicht sicher war,
Ob es überhaupt sein sollte.

Kennst du die Momente,

In denen du zu spät begreifst,
Dass deine Chance vorbei ist,
Und du das,
Was du willst,
Nicht einfach zurück holen kannst?
Oder das
Was du nie hattest,
Auch nie erreichen kannst?
Dein Herz bricht,
So wie meins.
Und ich schreie,
Versuche mich,
An das,
Was ich denke,
Fest zu klammern,
Aber ich falle.
Immer tiefer,
Und ich zerbrechte,
Zerberste in der Tiefe.

Ich nehme eine andere Chance

Und einen anderen Weg für mich.
Es ist zu spät,
Entschuldige dich auch nicht.
Das alles,
Was du jetzt sagt,
Hättest du sagen sollen
Bevor es zu spät ist.
Ich gehe jetzt,
So wie du.
Und lasse dich zurück.
Aber ich weiß:
Ich war nicht schuld,
Weil ich alles versucht habe.
Nur weil du,
Jetzt viel zu spät,
Dass ich dir nicht egal bin.
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